I am an artist and educator living in Calgary, Alberta. My art practice involves a cross discipline approach to working with cloth, sculpture and installation. I am drawn to the theory and practice of topology and phenomenology. This interest in spacial relationships began firstly in my formative years growing up in the interior of British Columbia, secondly in a career in surveying and mapping and currently as a means of fuelling and developing a corporeal and spiritual awareness in my practice. I am drawn to working with cloth because of its history as part of our intimate lives, and its place in the development of the spaces outside us; the places with which we identify and the the architectural forms within which we live work and play.

My practice in textiles is influenced by my understanding and affinity with the natural environment, a relationship that emphasizes the significance of materiality and place. This knowledge, supplemented by a degree in Geography that involved 14 years of work experience in mapping and environmental studies, has influenced and been integrated into my artistic practice. 

My work has been exhibited across Canada, in Europe and Australia and I have worked in collaboration with other artists and composers. 

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